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Please use this form to request a transcript.  Be sure to provide as much information as possible.  Be specific as to whom the transcript needs to be sent, noting the name and department of the recipient, if applicable.  Please note that in order to send a transcript for a student, the student must have been registered for the year for which the transcript is requested and tuition must be paid in full.  Also note that if this information is incomplete, the request will not be processed, so please be sure to enter all relevant data.

*If you are requesting official transcripts, please keep in mind that the first six (6) official transcripts we send out are included in the CED tuition fee.  If you need more than 6, there will be a charge of $10 per transcript.  In order to pay for more transcripts, please call the office at 800-882-2828 or visit the NARHS store.*

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Enter the first name of the student for whom the transcript is to be sent.
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If there is a deadline or specific date you need the transcript by, please enter it here. Please note that entering a date does not guarantee that we can get your transcript there on time, but we will certainly try.
Please select one option. Keep in mind that a maximum of six official transcripts are included with your tuition. Additional transcripts are available for a fee.
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